Mobius for designers: Problem Framing

Note: This post is part of a series on using Mobius for teaching university students. If you’d like a little more background, see the first post in the series.

Now that the students have picked their projects and formed into teams, we’re diving into the problem. The next three classes focused on Problem Framing, Users and Empathy and Research. This post covers how we tackled those using Mobius as a guide.

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Mobius for Designers: A University Course

This fall we’re using Mobius as the basis for the university course “Problem Solving for Designers” in the VCU department of graphic design in RVA. My goals in teaching the class are two fold: 1) teach graphic design students how to solve complex problems using Design Thinking inspired methods and 2) get practical feedback on whether Mobius is helpful for students solving complex problems.

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