2-Day Outcome Delivery with Mobius Master Class

The Mobius Outcome Delivery Masterclass will be featured atthe Agile Transformation Conference in Orlando, Florida. It is one of the Master Classes offered. Gabrielle Benefield will be teaching the class.

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What you will learn

Our Mobius Outline Delivery Practitioner workshop combines a mixture of interactive exercises, practical real life examples and lively discussion.

In the class you'll learn:

  • How to design a holistic innovation process customised for your environment
  • The key activities linking strategy to delivery
  • How to use the Mobius kit which includes the visual maps, Trigger cards and navigator

Gabrielle Benefield

During the course you will view real-world applications and create your own Mobius loop

What You'll Get

You will acquire the skills and toolkit to create effective innovation culture and attendees attending the full course will receive a Mobius Outcome Delivery Practitioner certificate.

  • Focus on the right problems
  • Steer your efforts by clear and measurable outcomes
  • Apply a visual language to align your organisation
  • Innovate rapidly to bring new ideas to market
  • De-risk your investments, deliver what you need, when you need it

Who should attend

Innovation leaders, product leaders, coaches and anyone interested in applying outcomes successfully to their innovation strategy.

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“Mobius Outcome Delivery is the one-stop-shop for design thinking, lean startup, business modelling and Agile.

It connects all the dots to create awesome experiences and the outcomes that matter.”

Jamie O'Shaunessey, Product Manager at Skype


How to frame problems

Targeting the right customers

Create the right outcomes


Connect outcomes to actions

Prioritize for impact


Deliver the right thing rapidly

Measure outcomes

Continuous learning

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